Campus Initiatives at Benedictine and Truman win Club of the Year

June 1, 2015

UNICEF Campus Initiatives at Benedictine University and Truman College win Organization of the Year and several other awards!

And the winners are... UNICEF @ Benedictine University and UNCIEF @Truman College!

The UNICEF Campus Initiative at Benedictine University was awarded their schools "Club of the Year" for the 2014/2015 school-year in recongintion of their successful events, philanthropic fundraising, and leadership on campus. They also swept the extracurricular awards winning "Advisor of the Year" and "Student Lifetime Achievement Award" A huge congrats to their President Sree Bodepudi, the entire executive board, and all of their dedicated members!

Equally exciting, in it's first year as an official organization on Campus, UNICEF Campus Initiative at Truman College won FOUR AWARDS, including "Organization of the Year", "New Organization of the Year", "Distinguished Student Leader Award", and "Innovative Program of the Year" for their Walk for Water! Congratulations to Club President Lauras Anagonou, and the entire leadership and club general body. 

Check out some pictures from Benedictine's events this year:


And here are some from Truman College's events this year: