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Believe in ZERO: Take the ZERO Pledge

I believe in ZERO.

  • ZERO preventable child deaths.
  • ZERO starving children.
  • ZERO exploited children.
  • ZERO children denied an education.
  • ZERO children deprived of clean water.

I stand with UNICEF and its partners, including the world's children, and I pledge my voiceand my actions to the fight for ZERO.

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Each day, 18,000 children under age five will die of preventable causes.

Countless others will be abused. Denied an education. Deprived of basic necessities like clean water. Still more will be forced into labor, prostitution, and armed conflict. Millions of children will be excluded or ignored because of discrimination and poverty.

It doesn't have to be that way. UNICEF stands for all children, in all situations, all of the time. And we need you to stand with us until, together, we have eliminated these threats to the world's children.