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Every day, UNICEF workers brave war zones, treacherous terrain, disasters and disease to make the world safe for kids. UNICEF listens — and helps children find their voice.

Kids need UNICEF now more than ever:

  • Globally, 1 in 10 children has a disability. During disasters and conflict, they are the ones who are more likely to be left behind, abandoned or neglected
  • The average humanitarian crisis now lasts for more than nine years
  • One in four children lives in a country affected by conflict or disaster, where violence, hunger and disease could have dire consequences for children's long-term development
  • Twice as many girls as boys will never start school
  • It’s estimated that nearly one-third of all human trafficking victims are children — and that the actual numbers are likely higher
  • 25 percent of the world’s children live where there’s an extremely high occurrence of flooding, and 90 percent breathe dangerously polluted air
  • In places like Yemen, South Sudan, Syria and Somalia, children have become targets of war. Since 2010, the number of verified grave violations against children has nearly tripled

“This is all wrong. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing.” When environmental activist Greta Thunberg and other kids sounded the alarm on climate change in September, UNICEF helped them get their message across.

How many children will you help today?
Just 30 cents gives one child a box of pencils — and the power of self-expression.

Why donate to UNICEF? It's a smart way to make your money go further for children:

  • UNICEF has the skills and contacts to get the toughest jobs done: In 2018, UNICEF worked in 16 countries to secure the release of 13,600 children who were forcibly conscripted by armed groups. With UNICEF's help, many were reunited with their families
  • UNICEF goes where many others can’t: Last year, UNICEF provided psychological and emotional support to 3.6 million children in emergencies
  • UNICEF is a champion for children in danger: UNICEF-supported health, social work, justice and law enforcement programs helped 2.3 million children who experienced violence in 2018 
  • UNICEF inspires action: 33 countries now have national plans for ending child marriage
  • UNICEF teaches young people how to have impact: In Syria and other countries where Syrian refugees now live, UNICEF initiatives helped nearly 212,000 teens build the skills and confidence they need to make a difference in their communities
  • UNICEF believes children deserve an inclusive world: Last year, UNICEF supported children with disabilities in 123 countries
  • UNICEF works to give all children the childhoods they deserve: In 2018, UNICEF reached 4.8 million adolescent girls with child-marriage prevention and care
  • UNICEF breaks down the barriers holding children back: More than 16 million births were registered, and 13 million children received birth certificates
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Meet the UNICEF workers helping kids around the world

We won't stop until we bring good health to every child
We won't stop until every child has clean water
We won't stop until we help every child learn
We won't stop until we reach every child in crisis
We won't stop until we treat every malnourished child
We won't stop until we protect every child
We won't stop until every child has a voice

UNICEF: saving and changing lives

Mohamed Sidibay was 5 the day a Sierra Leone militia killed his family and forced him to join their forces. He spent 4 years dodging death and was finally freed but then discovered he nowhere to go: “I didn't have a home….I didn't have food and I didn't have a family.” Mohamed did have UNICEF.

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