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UNICEF speaks for children when they can’t speak up for themselves.
You can be a voice for children who are left behind

  • There are an estimated 93 million children with disabilities in the world. Approximately half of of those in developing countries are not in school
  • Girls living in conflict are more than twice as likely than boys to be out of school
  • It’s estimated that nearly one third of all human trafficking victims are children — and that the actual numbers are likely higher
  • Children who belong to a minority, who are displaced by conflict along with those who are forcibly conscripted into the military are least likely to get a quality education 

Mohamed Sidibay was 5 the day a Sierra Leone militia killed his family and forced him to join their forces. He spent 4 years dodging death and was finally freed but then discovered he nowhere to go: “I didn't have a home….I didn't have food and I didn't have a family.”
Mohamed did have UNICEF.

Why Donate to UNICEF? It’s the Smart Way to Make Your Money Go Further for Children

  • UNICEF has the skills and contacts to get the toughest jobs done: UNICEF helped liberate 12,000 children held by armed forces and reunite them with their families and communities
  • UNICEF goes where most others can’t: Last year during emergencies alone, UNICEF reached 3.5 million children with emotional support
  • UNICEF is a champion for children in danger: UNICEF works with national and community leaders to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, sexual exploitation, exploitation by armed groups, and violence in the home and in schools
  • UNICEF inspires action: Over 24 million people have joined UNICEF in calling for an end to female genital mutilation
  • UNICEF works to give every child the childhood they deserve: Since 2014, 25 million girls and boys involved in child labor were helped by UNICEF
  • UNICEF breaks down the barriers holding children back: UNICEF helped over 16 million children receive birth certificates in 58 countries

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