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UNICEF helped 8.8 million keep learning during emergencies last year.
You can help even more children learn the lessons they need to build better lives

  • Global poverty could be cut in half if all adults completed high school
  • 263 million children and teens are not in school
  • Conflicts and crises like the wars in Syria and Yemen and the violence that drove the Rohingya from their homes are keeping 63 million children out of school
  • Girls are less likely than boys to ever set foot in a classroom. Today some 15 million girls will never learn to read and write in school as compared to 10 million boys
  • Approximately half of children with disabilities living in developing countries are not in school

Meet Tabarak. She lives in Iraq, where conflict has denied her and millions of other children their right to education. But thanks to UNICEF’s work to rehab 576 schools, today she is back where she belongs — with her friends in school.

Why Donate to UNICEF? It’s the Smart Way to Make Your Money Go Further for Children

  • UNICEF delivers: Last year, 12.5 million children in 250,000 classrooms received learning materials. 48,000 communities were assisted with school management, planning and inclusive education training
  • UNICEF stands up for children who face the greatest barriers: Out of the $1.2 billion UNICEF spent on education last year, $46 million went toward girls’ education, $11 million toward helping children with disabilities and $62 million for life skills and vocational training for teens
  • UNICEF knows how to level the playing field: Often it’s the cost of books, uniforms and transportation that keeps children out of school. Cash transfer programs to families have been hugely successful in getting children into the classroom, where they belong
  • UNICEF supports teachers, too: Teacher training and curriculum development are creating classrooms where students of all abilities and ethnicities feel welcome as they build essential math and literacy skills

Meet more children helped by UNICEF and supporters like you

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