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Every day, UNICEF workers brave war zones, treacherous terrain, disasters and disease to make the world safe for kids. Last year, UNICEF helped 6.9 million children affected by emergencies continue to learn.

Kids need UNICEF now more than ever:

  • On average, an extra year of schooling increases a person’s income by 10 percent
  • 262 million children and teens are not in school
  • Conflict has forced 27 million children in 24 countries to miss out on school 
  • Some 12 million girls each year are married in childhood and pregnant girls can be unfairly and unlawfully excluded from schools
  • Disability is the single largest barrier to education. Half of all children with disabilities are not in school. That figure drops to 13 percent for children without disabilities
  • 387 million primary school children and 230 million middle school children are failing to learn basic math and reading skills

“Working for UNICEF really makes me happy to see the difference we are making,” says UNICEF construction officer Rogers Banda. He makes sure the desks UNICEF and the K.I.N.D. Fund provide schools in Malawi get where they’re needed most.

How many children can you help today?
$24 will give six kids backpacks to hold their school supplies.

Why donate to UNICEF? It's a smart way to make your money go further for children:

  • UNICEF delivers: Last year, 11.3 million children received school supplies and learning materials. Some 55,983 communities also got help with planning, school management and training for how to deliver inclusive education
  • UNICEF stands up for children who face the greatest barriers: Rohingya refugee children living in camps in Bangladesh are barred from local schools. To give them their fair chance at an education, UNICEF set up 862 temporary learning centers, where 90,000 girls and boys can build the skills they need for a brighter future
  • UNICEF sets kids up for success: Helping children feel prepared and empowered to learn is a big part of UNICEF’s work. Last year, 4.5 million schoolbags and 84,000 education kits went to students in need
  • UNICEF levels the playing field: UNICEF supports a government cash-transfer program in Bihar, India, that helps girls resist the family and economic pressures that compel many to drop out and get married. The program, which launched in 2018, will reach 16 million girls every year
  • UNICEF supports teachers, too: To help Syrian refugee students with disabilities, UNICEF supports teacher training and model schools in Jordan’s Syrian refugee camps and host communities


Meet the UNICEF workers helping kids around the world

We won't stop until we bring good health to every child
We won't stop until every child has clean water
We won't stop until we help every child learn
We won't stop until we reach every child in crisis
We won't stop until we treat every malnourished child
We won't stop until we protect every child
We won't stop until every child has a voice

UNICEF: saving and changing lives

Meet Tabarak. She lives in Iraq, where 2.6 million children go to school sporadically or not at all. But thanks to UNICEF’s work to reopen thousands of schools that have been damaged or destroyed by war, she and her friends are learning again.

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