UNICEF provided thousands of Iraqi families in Anbar Province with safe drinking water, food, hygiene kits and other supplies.
UNICEF is providing thousands of Iraqi families with safe drinking water, hygiene kits and other supplies.
UNICEF Iraq/2016

Support the children of Iraq.

Since January 2014, Iraq has suffered from intense conflict and sectarian violence.  Nearly 9 million people require humanitarian assistance, including 4 million children, in 2018.

Nationwide, an estimated 5 million people are in critical need of safe water. A reduction in armed combat has allowed 2 million people to return to their homes, but 3 million — half of them children — remain displaced. 

Displaced Iraqi children risk separation from their parents, injury from improvised explosive devices, and exploitation and child trafficking.

In Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, entire swaths of the city have been reduced to rubble. Many schools have been damaged or destroyed. There is much work to be done. 

Across Iraq, UNICEF is providing essential services for affected children and families. Rapid delivery of food and water, temporary schools, child protection and psychosocial services and critical health care will help 2.24 million people in Iraq in 2018.