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Faith leaders and communities have come together behind an interfaith movement — part of UNICEF USA's wider End the Pandemic campaign — focused on helping the most vulnerable communities and rallying support behind vaccine equity.

UNICEF is working with GAVI, the global vaccine alliance, to ensure the equitable distribution of 4.1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses in 2022 worldwide as procurement lead for COVAX, the largest and fastest immunization campaign in history. UNICEF is also aiding the development of rapid diagnostics and treatments and helping countries strengthen their health systems, also critical in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Join the interfaith movement and help dismantle health inequity around the world. Every dollar makes a difference.

The impact of your support

  • $19.50 could provide 10 people with two doses of the vaccine

  • $50 could provide 160 face masks to help keep health workers from breathing in hazardous or infectious airborne particles 

  • $100 could provide 10 diagnostic test kits to help increase the identification of infections 

  • $150 could provide 3,000 syringes, which will be used to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to recipients  

  • $210 could provide 10 portable vaccine carriers for the safe transportation of vaccines that enables a health worker to deliver critical vaccines 

  • $1,000 could provide the delivery of vaccines to fully vaccinate 250 people 

  • $11,000 could provide 6 oxygen concentrators 

  • $1,000,000 could provide the safe transport of 25 million doses of vaccines within a low-income country

Help Reach Our Goal of $3,200,000!


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UNICEF has over 75 years in humanitarian response expertise

Each year, UNICEF helps immunize nearly half of the world's children, including those living in the most remote places on Earth. Its supply operation — which includes the largest humanitarian supply warehouse in the world — enables the delivery of lifesaving supplies to anywhere in the world within 48 to 72 hours.

UNICEF was chosen to lead the global COVID vaccine procurement and delivery because UNICEF has the infrastructure, experience and expertise already in place to make it happen quickly.

Help ensure the equitable distribution of COVID vaccines

Fundraise for COVID relief programs

Bring your community together and raise critical funds for UNICEF's equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Check out responses to FAQs

Raise awareness

Make an impact in your community. Share the interfaith movement one-pager, take action in-person or online and hear more about how faith organizations are coming together. 

Advocate for vaccine equity

Alert Congress of the resources and support UNICEF needs to help end the pandemic.                 

Invite your faith community to join UNICEF's efforts

Our team can assist and provide you with resources and guidance. To get involved, please contact: 

Dr. David Boan, Cathedral of the Rockies – Amity, dboan@outlook.com
Alex Uzarowicz, UNICEF USA, auzarowicz@unicefusa.org

Together, we can end the pandemic and restart children's lives 

This interfaith movement is inspired by Love My Neighbor, a collaboration with UNICEF Canada and is spearheaded by founding partner, Cathedral of the Rockies. The interfaith movement is a part of UNICEF USA's wider End the Pandemic campaign. 

Learn more about how UNICEF and civil society groups work together to create better futures for children.

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