Ghana, 11, took part in an art activity at a UNICEF-supported Makani center in Jordan.

How to Help

UNICEF won't stop until every child is healthy, educated, respected and protected. UNICEF USA supports that goal through advocacy, education and fundraising in the U.S.

UNICEF USA's mission is to relentlessly pursue a more equitable world for every child. UNICEF USA pursues that goal through its support of UNICEF's work  in over 190 countries and territories to provide health, nutrition, education, protection and more to the world's most vulnerable children.

UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary contributions from governments, foundations, private sector businesses, civil society groups — and individuals — to continue and scale its many programs and partnership activities. UNICEF USA garners support for UNICEF through advocacy, education and fundraising; donations by U.S. taxpayers are 100% tax deductible.

UNICEF USA's supporters play a critical role, too, by helping to raise awareness and educate the public about issues impacting children globally — and how UNICEF is helping to tackle those issues around the world.

Here are the many ways to join UNICEF USA in the fight to make the world healthier, safer and more equitable for all children. 


UNICEF relies on UNICEF USA to urge government officials in Washington, D.C., and across the country on to implement programs and policies that support the survival, protection and development of children globally. Learn more about how to support UNICEF USA's Advocacy efforts, and visit the Advocacy Action Center for specific opportunities to speak up for the world's children. 


UNICEF USA receives the highest ratings for transparency, accountability and administration from Charity Navigator, and contributions of any amount can make a difference. 

  • Make a one-time donation: The best way to give is to make an unrestricted donation, which allows UNICEF to put the money to use wherever and whenever it is needed most. Start here.
  • Join the Guardian Circle community with a monthly gift: Children need consistent, reliable funding to survive and thrive. UNICEF USA's monthly donors provide that crucial support so the most vulnerable children have what they need — especially during times of conflict and crisis. Guardian Circle members' monthly gifts ensure UNICEF can be there for children before, during and after the emergency. Start here.
  • Join the Humanitarian Circle with annual gifts of $25,000 or more: Donors who give $25,000 or more annually to UNICEF USA receive special recognition for their vision, thought leadership and support. Over the years, Humanitarian Circle supporters have also come together to crowdfund impactful projects ranging from rebuilding a health clinic damaged in a natural disaster to constructing a well to improve rural communities' access to safe water. 
  • Designate UNICEF as the recipient of Donor-Advised Funds: Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) allow donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and then recommend grants from the fund over time for UNICEF to use wherever the need is greatest, or for a specific program area. Learn more.
  • Donate to the Bridge Fund: Every $1 donated to the Bridge Fund, created and managed by the UNICEF USA Impact Fund for Children (IF4C), accelerates at least $3.50 to UNICEF, helping to fast-track emergency relief and provide other lifesaving, time-sensitive support to vulnerable children and families in need. Learn more.
  • Donate a vehicle: When you donate a car, you'll qualify for a tax deduction while supporting UNICEF's work for vulnerable children around the world. UNICEF USA ensures that the majority of the vehicle's value — generally 80 percent of gross dollars raised — goes to charity. Start here.


A great way to show your support is by hosting a fundraiser or event on behalf of UNICEF. Tell us your idea and complete the application to get started.  Having a birthday, getting married or trying to come up with a meaningful shower gift? UNICEF USA makes it easy to start your own online fundraiser to help children in need. Suggest friends and family donate money to UNICEF USA on your behalf instead of giving a gift — or join others in celebrating someone special with donations in their honor. Learn more.


  • UNICEF Unite: UNICEF USA mobilizes volunteers from all walks of life and every corner of the country through its volunteer program, UNICEF Unite. Working toward the common goal of ensuring a better world for every child, Uniters make a difference through advocacy, community building, fundraising and education. Register here to connect with other supporters and to stay informed about community events and meet-ups near you. 
  • Youth in Action: School Clubs: UNICEF USA provides all the tools you need to start a UNICEF club at your school or in your community. Learn more.

Other ways to give

  • UNICEF Next Generation: UNICEF NextGen is a community of professionals between the ages of 21 and 45 who pledge their skills, time, networks and financial resources to support UNICEF's work for children. While most NextGen activities in the U.S. take place in five hubs — located in Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City — interested young professionals can take the NextGen pledge from anywhere, at any time. Learn more.
  • Shopping for Good: Now you can shop online for unusual, handcrafted goods at the UNICEF Market and support children and families. UNICEF Market artisans receive fair compensation for their goods, and a percentage of every purchase funds UNICEF programs. Want to make your support for UNICEF more tangible? Choose from among a wide selection of real UNICEF supplies for kids — from pencils, to therapeutic food, to first-aid kits — and UNICEF will send them where they're needed most. You can even donate a UNICEF Inspired Gift in honor of a friend or loved one. Shop now. 


“I wish for all children around the world to be happy,” says Ghina, 11, who lives in a temporary tented settlement outside Amman, Jordan. At a UNICEF-supported Makani, Ghana and other children get extra help in math, Arabic and English classes, play sports and take part in art activities.
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