Face-to-Face Fundraising

Face-to-Face Fundraising
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Give monthly charitable contributions to end the preventable deaths of children

UNICEF USA is actively recruiting new monthly donors through a face-to-face and door-to-door fundraising program in partnership with fundraising specialists, 3Sixty Fundraising, GiveBridge and Global Faces Direct. 3Sixty Fundraising began the campaign in September, 2018, and is taking place in the New York, Los Angeles, and the San Diego California area. Global Faces Direct launched the campaign in September, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina and has expanded into Austin, Texas in March, 2020. GiveBridge canvassers launched a campaign in Dallas, Texas in March, 2020.

These programs are a cost-effective way for the UNICEF USA to create awareness about UNICEF’s lifesaving work in more than 190 countries and territories. UNICEF and partners work every day to save lives, by providing health care and immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. 

Becoming a member of the UNICEF USA’s Monthly Pledge Program is easy, affordable and an efficient way to support and protect children facing grave perils. Since our administration costs are extremely low, monthly gifts can be put to maximum use in helping children where the need is greatest.

You may encounter some of the Face-to-Face canvassers; they will be wearing a UNICEF USA cyan blue shirt, and carrying their ID and tablet. Canvassers will discuss UNICEF’s work and programs and ask you to join our UNICEF USA Monthly Pledge Program.  Sign-ups and donations will be taken via an individual's phone or via tablet and are processed directly to our secured website. All information is confidential.

If you would like to share your experience or make a change to your donation, please contact our Monthly Giving team at 1-212-922-2626.

On behalf of the UNICEF USA, thank you for your support and for putting children first.

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