Every child safe. Every voice heard.

Every child safe. Every voice heard.

Every kid deserves a safe and healthy childhood. Who better to send this message to Congress than youth themselves? Lift up the voices of your fellow UNICEF supporters and youth advocates all around the globe. This is your chance to tell your Senators and Representatives to convene youth in your community to find bipartisan solutions that ensure the safety of all of America’s youth.

The children marching on March 24 are exercising their right to associate and to participate in a national discussion on school safety — a discussion that affects them all personally.

UNICEF believes that when adults are making decisions that affect children, children have a right to say what they think should happen and to have their opinions taken into account.

We applaud all the students and children marching on Saturday, who are exercising their freedom of expression for whatever views they may hold.

We call on students marching to respect the rights of other people who may hold different opinions, and do not seek to stop them from enjoying the same rights that you’re exercising.

Most importantly, we ask that parents and policymakers listen to the students’ voices and take them into equal consideration as those of adults when deciding how to move forward on the issue of safety in schools.

Be safe and be heard, everyone.

Your friends at UNICEF USA