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Ready to put your talents and energy to work in a non-profit career that supports child rights worldwide? To embrace new challenges in meaningful ways? UNICEF USA is looking for passionate problem-solvers ready to help build a more equitable world for every child.

a large school class-like shot of a large, diverse group of over 100 UNICEF employees

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Recruitment Video Script with Audio Descriptions

Video: Open on a montage of babies and children from around the world, mixed in with archival images of UNICEF staff workers, trucks and projects old and new—from food aid to solar panels.

Voiceover: UNICEF. The United Nations Children's Fund. Over 75 years it's done big things—for the smallest among us.

Video: a flying drone's view following the path of a conveyor belt inside a high-tech, busy warehouse. UNICEF workers securing pallets of supplies on an airfield.

Voiceover: Eight decades of building an unprecedented-in-human-history, global support system for the youngest members of our human family.

Video: vaccines being manufactured and administered.

Voiceover: Did you know, UNICEF vaccinates around half of the world's children in any given year? Or that its supply system has been built to reach the most remote areas on the planet in under 72 hours?

Video: a montage of a global supply chain jetting supplies all over the globe. Lifesaving supplies get delivered, and children in remote areas celebrate.

Voiceover: UNICEF works with governments, partners and communities the world over to ensure safe water, nutrition, climate resilience, and more to millions of children. It does whatever it takes to keep the next generation... healthy, educated, protected and respected.

Video: a montage of UNICEF USA's work. A woman gives a speech. Advocates come together in Washington DC. A Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF logo appears.

Voiceover: Here at UNICEF USA, we work just as relentlessly to advance UNICEF's global mission by rallying the American public to support the world's children.

Video: Children in every kind of global community smile, dance, celebrate, speak up, and make a difference.

Voiceover: We deliver measurable, positive impact to millions of children each year by investing in UNICEF programs, influencing policy and engaging youth and their allies as champions of child rights. Working together, we have helped save and meaningfully improve more children's lives than any other humanitarian organization. If you're looking to make this kind of a difference with your life—and in the world—join us.

End Card: UNICEF won't stop working for every child. Join us. Apply today.

Our Values and Culture

Benefits and Compensation

UNICEF USA employees are the engine of our success, and we value their well-being. Pursue a fulfilling nonprofit career offering competitive compensation and a strong benefits package:

  • Flexible Paid Time-off
  • A generous 403(b) contribution
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible spending account, disability and life insurance
  • Tuition assistance
  • Parental leave

Remote/Hybrid work options available.

Diversity, Racial Equity and Belonging

UNICEF USA is committed to maintaining an inclusive workplace that reflects the rich diversity of our nation, as well as the world's children that we serve. UNICEF USA's core values — the Power of We, Children and their Rights, and Big Thinking/Bold Action — and our commitment to diversity, racial equity, and belonging guide us in how we carry out this commitment each day. Read our DREB statement.

Learning & Development

UNICEF USA employees are curious and innovative, and our organization prioritizes professional development with options like on-demand professional coaching, online learning platforms, interactive workshops, individual strengths assessments and enriching stretch assignments with other departments and UNICEF entities.

A group of students huddled over tables in a crowded room, working together over projects and post-it notes on the tables.

How We Support UNICEF

UNICEF USA, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, was founded in 1947 — one vear after the United Nations created the emergency relief organization for children that would become today's UNICEF. UNICEF USA advances the global mission of UNICEF by rallying the American public to support the world's most vulnerable children in the face of war, disasters, extreme poverty and all forms of violence and exploitation. Our organization is one of 33 "national committees" around the globe that secure crucial financial contributions to UNICEF's work in 190 countries and territories.

Become an Intern

A limited number of paid internships are available for current students. Learn about them on our Internships page.

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Top-down view of a group of smiling young male and female interns of various races, all in unicef shirts, as one takes a selfie of the group
Class photo style of eight standing female interns, and three more kneeling in front of them, in front of UN flags and a UN emblem

Be Cautious About Emailed Job Postings

UNICEF USA will never request sensitive personal information over the phone or by email, nor charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. All recruitment correspondence you may receive will be from a '@unicefusa.org' email address.