Ariana headshot

Ariana is a high school senior from Arizona. Outside of UNICEF, she wants to pursue an MD-PhD someday. Besides nearly fainting from heatstroke during the summer, she loves hiking, running, and binge-reading 19th-century literature & crime novels. She is particularly interested in advocating for human rights, whether in healthcare or child rights. Currently, sixteen-year-olds are allowed to get married in Arizona. As a teenager herself, she's horrified that children her age can be married off with the consent of their parents. And this is just one example of the many injustices that Arizona faces and many other states do too. The world is far from having all child-friendly cities. Still, with UNICEF's efforts, there have been dramatic improvements, and she's happy to lend her voice as a Youth Representative to advance the mission of providing lifesaving care to children in need.