Kripa headshot

Kripa is from North Texas. She is a freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business. Kripa has been an active UNICEF advocate and club leader for over four years, advocating in Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill, organizing community-wide service events with hundreds of youths in attendance, and speaking on policy change to government officials. As a National Youth Council Member last year, she spoke at the Building Hope Mental Health Strategy Summit, was a panelist on a Concordia Webinar focusing on eco-anxiety, attended the Active Minds Conference, and worked to diversify the clubs' program and reduce stigma surrounding mental health conversations. Outside of UNICEF, she loves doing Taekwondo, inspiring girls to pursue STEM, providing emotional support through Hope Squad, and leading community service efforts through numerous non-profit organizations. In the future, she hopes to create revolutionary technologies that help underserved communities worldwide.