Isabella headshot

Originally from Colombia, Isabella is a passionate advocate for girls' education and environmental conservation. Currently, she is pursuing a double major in environmental science and international relations at Lake Forest College in Illinois, where she is eager to combine her interests and make a meaningful impact. As the executive director of She EDUCATES, an educational platform that advocates for transformative academic curriculums through feminist pedagogy, she is deeply committed to ensuring equitable access to education for girls in the Americas and beyond. Through She EDUCATES, she works tirelessly to promote the importance of education as a catalyst for positive change. In addition to my role with She EDUCATES, she actively engages with various organizations that share her commitment to empowering girls and women. She is a proud member of the United Nations Girls Education Initiative, UN WOMEN CHICAGO Chapter, Girl Up, and UNICEF USA. Through these platforms, she has the privilege of collaborating with like-minded individuals, advocating for gender equality, and supporting initiatives that foster children's and youth's well-being. She is driven by the belief that education and environmental sustainability are interconnected and essential for creating a better future. By combining her academic pursuits, activism, and involvement in these organizations, she strives to advance girls' education, gender equality, and environmental stewardship.