CEO Salary Email

Is it true that your CEO receives more than $1 million per year?


Anonymous emails claim that UNICEF USA's CEO earns more than $1 million and has use of a Rolls Royce. These assertions are false.

Below are the facts about executive compensation and our excellent record of fiscal governance and efficiency.

At first glance, the email may seem legitimate, which is why many people have re-forwarded it to friends and family. On closer inspection, you will notice that the email contains no signature, nor is an author or source identified. If the author made himself or herself known, we would be able to reach out directly to set the record straight.

Anonymous campaigns of misinformation can be damaging if left unchallenged, so we appreciate your taking the time to investigate erroneous information you may have received.

Please feel free to link to this page or refer friends here if you come across the email again. We appreciate your help in dispelling this falsehood.


  • UNICEF USA President & CEO Michael J. Nyenhuis' salary, at $620,000, is less than 1% of all funds raised for children.
  • UNICEF USA's tax returns (called "990s") are published annually and are readily available to the public. Our financial statements are independently audited by nonprofit watchdog groups such as Charity Navigator and reported in our annual report, also available online.
  • UNICEF USA receives the highest ratings for transparency and accountability from Charity Navigator. Of every dollar spent, 84 cents goes directly toward helping children. We spend just 12 cents on fundraising costs and 4 cents on administration.
  • We continue to maintain our three-star rating with Charity Navigator and receive high transparency and accountability ratings of over 97%.
  • The salary information for UNICEF's Executive Director is also public record and can be viewed here.