Conflict of Interest Policy

All employees have a responsibility to refrain from engaging in any activity, practice or conduct which conflicts with, or appears to conflict with the interests of UNICEF USA.

Since it is impossible to describe all of the situations which may cause or give the appearance of a conflict of interest, the prohibitions included in this policy are not intended to be exhaustive and only include some of the more clear-cut examples.

  • Employees are expected to represent UNICEF USA in a positive and ethical manner and have an obligation both to avoid conflicts of interest and to refer questions and concerns about potential conflicts to their supervisor. All members of UNICEF USA are required to sign and submit to People and Culture, a Conflict of Interest Statement, listing all business and professional positions, investments or relationships held by any member of their immediate family.
  • Directly or indirectly either on or off the job, employees are not to engage in any conduct which is disloyal, disruptive, competitive or damaging to UNICEF USA.
  • Employees are not to accept any employment relationship with any organization which does business with UNICEF USA or is a competitor of UNICEF USA. This prohibition includes serving as an advisor or consultant to any such organization, unless that activity is conducted as a representative of UNICEF USA.
  • Any financial interest employees or their immediate family has in any firm which does business with UNICEF USA or which competes with UNICEF USA must be disclosed. UNICEF USA may require divestiture of such interest if it deems the financial interest to be in conflict with its best interests.
  • Employees and their immediate family are not to accept gifts, except those of nominal value or any special discounts or loans from any person or firm doing, or seeking to do, business with UNICEF USA. The meaning of gifts for purpose of this policy includes the acceptance of lavish entertainment and free long distance travel and lodging.
  • Employees are not to give, offer, or promise, directly or indirectly, anything of value to any representative of a contributor, or a potential contributor, or financial institution.
  • Employees may hold a wide range of personal beliefs, values and commitments. These beliefs, values and commitments are a conflict of interest only when they prevent employees from fulfilling their job responsibilities, or if employees attempt to use UNICEF USA’s time and facilities for furthering them, or if employees continue attempting to convince others of their personal beliefs after they have been asked to stop.
  • Individuals who are related by blood or marriage are permitted to work in the same office, provided not direct reporting or supervisory-management relationship exists. That is, no employee is permitted to work with the “chain of command” of a relative if one’s relative work responsibilities, salary, or career progress could be influenced by the other relative.
  • Any conflict or potential conflict of interest must be disclosed to UNICEF USA. Failure to do so will result in discipline, up to and including termination.