A child waits with her caregiver to receive treatment for severe acute malnutrition

Yemen War

Children continue to suffer severe consequences due to prolonged conflict in Yemen. Help UNICEF meet urgent humanitarian needs.

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Yemen, a country embroiled in prolonged conflict since 2015, is considered one of the worst places in the world to be a child. After years of violence and displacement, humanitarian needs in the country have reached unprecedented levels, and robbing children of their futures. 

There are currently over 23 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including almost 13 million children.

Number of children killed or injured continued to increase as violence in Yemen escalated in 2022

The UN has verified over 10,000 reported deaths and injuries of children since the war in Yemen began in 2015, though the actual number of children’s lives lost is likely much higher.

Children in Yemen have witnessed violence, trauma and loss, with severe consequences. Many families do not have access to safe drinking water or enough food. Malnutrition rates among children are high.


A child being fed ready-to-use therapeutic food by his caregiver

UNCIEF provides Ready-to-Use Therapeutic food (RUTF), a nutrient-rich peanut paste, to health centers in Yemen to support the rehabilitation of children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. © UNICEF/UN0722230/ALfilastini

Natural disasters in the country have led to even more displacement. Torrential rains in July 2022, for example, impacted tens of thousands of people, damaging public infrastructure and shelters housing displaced families, setting back humanitarian relief efforts. 

Support children and families in Yemen impacted by the war

The humanitarian needs of children and families in Yemen — among the highest in the world — remain urgent.

UNICEF is on the ground in Yemen, working with partners to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. UNICEF's ongoing emergency response includes providing safe water, health care, nutrition and protection. Donor support is needed to help UNICEF reach more children and families in need.

Help UNICEF save and protect Yemen’s most vulnerable children and families. Your contribution can make a difference. Donate today.

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TOP PHOTO: Eight-month-old Jouri, who suffers from severe acute malnutrition — a fatal condition if not treated, waits with her mother to see the health worker following up on her case at a UNICEF-supported facility in Hudaydah, Yemen.
© UNICEF/UN0705147/Al-Haj