Video: Back at School in Iraq

With the battle for Mosul at an end, displaced families are coming back to rebuild their city, and their lives.


And UNICEF is working hard to bring education back to the children caught in the crisis.


Watch this video for a look at the progress happening on the ground:



Dhakriyat Mahmoud Husein, Director of Saint Adbul Ahed School for Girls, says any school, even a damaged one, is a place of rejuvenation for children. "The kids are overjoyed to come back," she says. "Education heals." 


Read our full report from West Mosul. And for more information about UNICEF's work in education globally, click here.


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Top photo: Rawan, left, and Rawia, 11-year-old students at the Saint Abdul Ahed School for Girls in West Mosul, Iraq, are serious about their education. Says Rawan: "We have to learn to develop our thinking so we can build our future, and our country." Rawia wants to use her education to become a surgeon, so she can heal people who were wounded in the war.© Sam Kimball/UNICEF USA




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