On June 13, 2022, children play at a UNICEF-UNHCR Blue Dot Safe Space, Protection and Support Hub in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Thank You From UNICEF USA

Every day, UNICEF steps up to support children around the world — reaching the most vulnerable with emergency relief, lifesaving nutrition support, childhood immunizations, safe water, education and more.

Wherever and whenever children are in need, UNICEF is on the ground, working to help them grow up healthy and reach their full potential

UNICEF's impact for children wouldn't be possible without donors like you

UNICEF USA thanks all its partners and donors for their support. With your help, UNICEF can reach children devastated by climate disasters, violent conflict, disease outbreaks and economic collapse, while maintaining programs to safeguard kids and their futures. Not only that, your steadfast commitment to the world's children helps us keep going even when things get tough.

With your continued support, we can keep delivering for children no matter what obstacles they face or where they grow up.


TOP PHOTO: On June 13, 2022, children play at a UNICEF-UNHCR Blue Dot safe space, protection and support hub in Sofia, Bulgaria. Blue Dots provide assistance and services to children and their families who have fled the war in Ukraine. © UNICEF/UN0658129/Milkova

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