Malak and the Boat — One Syrian Child's Journey

In UNICEF's powerful new animated video, "Malak and the Boat," 7-year-old Malak and her family flee war-torn Syria and brave a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean.


“I had a lot of friends, now there is no one left,” Malak says of her scary experience in a small crowded boat on a storm-tossed sea at night.


UNICEF launched "Malak and the Boat" as the first of three animated shorts in a series called Unfairy Tales. Based on true stories of children escaping conflict, the videos explain why they fled and what happened on the way.


UNICEF hopes its Unfairy Tales series will remind everyone that — before they are migrants, refugees or members of any race, nationality or religion — children are children.  


Every child has rights and deserves a fair chance.  That's why we must all put children first.


”The stories of the three children are not unusual. At least 65 million children and young people globally are on the move — escaping conflict, poverty and extreme weather — looking for a more stable life and a place to call home,” said UNICEF's Head of Communication Paloma Escudero.


Stay tuned for the next two videos in the Unfairy Tales series: "Ivine and the Pillow" and "Moustafa and the Short Walk."



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