UNICEF provides medicines, therapeutic milk, Plumpy’nut and other health services to babies at a refugee camp in Chad.

UNICEF Reports

UNICEF's programs, campaigns and initiatives are rooted in experience, research and analysis. View the latest reports to learn more about UNICEF's work to secure the rights of every child.

Prospects for Children: Cooperation in a Fragmented World

In its 2024 Global Outlook, UNICEF Innocenti explores eight trends shaping children's lives and offers policy recommendations to protect child rights and well-being.

UNICEF REPORT: Humanitarian Action for Children 2024

How UNICEF plans to build better futures and protect the rights of children living in conflict and crisis through transformative local partnerships — and why flexible donor support is more critical than ever.

UNICEF Innocenti Report Card 18: Child Poverty in the Midst of Wealth

New data and analysis from the Office of Global Research and Foresight covers child poverty trends, future projections and recommendations for action in 40 high- and upper-middle-income countries. UNICEF USA’s supplement examines child poverty in the United States.

UNICEF REPORT: The Climate-Changed Child

Updated insights into how water scarcity made worse by the climate crisis is threatening children and a call to action ahead of COP28.

UNICEF REPORT: Children Displaced in a Changing Climate: Preparing for a Future Already Underway

Floods, storms, droughts and wildfires are uprooting millions of children.

UNICEF REPORT: Progress on Household Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 2000-2022

In 7 out of 10 households worldwide, the responsibility for fetching water falls on women and girls.

UNICEF Annual Supply Report 2022: Sourced With Care, Packed With Love, Delivered With Hope

In 2022, the value of goods and services procured by UNICEF rose to the highest in its history: $7.383 billion.

UNICEF REPORT: A Decade of Action on Premature Births

Urgent action is needed to improve the prevention of preterm birth, alongside better care for preterm babies and their families.

UNICEF REPORT: Child Marriage: Latest Trends and Future Prospects

Millions of girls' safety, well-being and futures are in jeopardy due to slowing progress toward the 2030 target of ending child marriage.

UNICEF REPORT: The State of the World's Children 2023

Despite decades of progress, the world is still failing to vaccinate every child, jeopardizing many millions of young lives. A look at how to get back on track and reach children who have historically missed out.

UNICEF REPORT: Water Crises Pose Triple Threat to Children Worldwide

Unsafe WASH, waterborne diseases and climate threats endanger 190 million children in 10 countries. Greater investment in climate-resilient WASH services is needed to provide safe WASH for all.

UNICEF REPORT: Undernourished and Overlooked: New Report Reveals Global Nutrition Crisis for Women and Girls

Caught in the crossfire of intensifying violence, children in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger are increasingly threatened by climate change-induced extreme weather, drought and food insecurity.