Paddingtons Postcards

Paddington's Postcards for Children

Introduce a special child in your life to adventures around the globe with Paddington’s Postcards — and help the world's children at the same time. 

Children love to explore their world. Now, you can take that exciting journey with them. When you sign up for monthly giving, Paddington™ will send a child in your life postcards from his global travels, along with many other surprises. 

Your child can see the world with Paddington™ 

Ideal for youngsters aged 4–10, Paddington's Postcards introduces kids to a new country each month — and a child who lives there. Your young adventurer will learn about what life is like for children and families in other parts of the world. What’s more, your monthly donation will support the work UNICEF does every day to ensure all children can grow up healthy, hopeful and safe.

Enrich your child's cultural education with a monthly postcard from Paddington, igniting their curiosity, teaching diversity and expanding their universe through engaging narratives from around the globe.

Each month your child can receive a postcard from Paddington and learn about kids around the world

Inspiring cultural awareness for kids through Paddington's Postcards

Paddington is much more than a fun pen pal for kids. Paddington is their entree to a whole new world. Paddington's Postcards nurtures empathy and understanding by introducing them to diverse cultures and perspectives. 

With each postcard, children learn to appreciate differences and gain insights into what they share with kids whose cultures and experiences might feel very different from theirs. By supporting Paddington's Postcards, parents nurture their children's curiosity and prepare them to work toward a more inclusive, compassionate, and interconnected world. 

What does each month’s special delivery include?

You and your child can look forward to receiving a delightful monthly postcard from Paddington for one year. Plus, a load of other goodies will help kids feel like they are with Paddington every step of the way. What's also included:   

  • Travel journal: Keep track of Paddington's adventures in one neat travel log
  • Map: See the world through Paddington's eyes with an illustrated map showcasing his global journey
  • Stickers: Have fun decorating the journal and marking the map with colorful stickers
  • Flashcards: Learn facts about amazing traditions, places and languages Paddington discovers on his travels
  • Children’s stories: Dive into tales that reveal how kids live around the world
  • Activities: Spark your child’s imagination with a mix of fun and educational activities
  • Monthly emails: You and your child can stay up-to-date with bonus facts and activities, plus news about how your gift makes a difference
Donate monthly to UNICEF USA and your child will receive postcards and fun activiies from Paddington

How to Sign Up for Paddington's Postcards

Are you and your child ready to get on board for amazing adventures? It's easy to get started.

  • Sign up: Click the 'Join Paddington' button
  • Choose your monthly donation amount: Just $15 per month is all it takes to send your child on a year's worth of fun adventures with Paddington. 
  • Personalize your child's postcard: Paddington will address each postcard to your child 
  • Confirm your subscription: Give a final sign-off on your monthly package
  • Begin the adventure: Get your kids ready to start seeing the world and forging a special connection with Paddington!

When you sign up for the program, Paddington's Postcards and each month's fun activities will be personalized with your child's name but sent to you for you to share and enjoy with them. To protect the safety of your child and all minors, we cannot add their personal information to our database.

Paddington Postcards FAQ

Can I sign up for someone else's child as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! Paddington's Postcards make a wonderful gift for any child in your life. When you sign up, let us know your special child's name. We will personalize each month's postcard and fun activities but send them to you so we have no need to add their personal information to our database. That way, their safety and protection are assured while giving you the chance to deliver each month's fun package and accompany them on their fun adventures with Paddington.

Can I send Paddington's Postcards to a school or class?

Paddington's Postcards are designed for individual children. But there's no reason an entire classroom can't enjoy them. Each month's package includes educational materials that can enhance learning experiences for many children at once. Consider signing up and sharing the adventures with your students!

Can I choose which countries Paddington visits each month?

Paddington's global travels are carefully curated to provide children with a diverse range of enriching experiences. While you can't choose Paddington's destinations, you can look forward to exploring fascinating new destinations each month that will broaden your child's understanding of the world.

What kind of educational activities are included in the postcard packages?

Paddington's Postcards offer a variety of engaging educational activities, including a travel journal to track Paddington's adventures, an illustrated map showcasing his global journey, stickers for decoration, flashcards with fascinating facts about traditions, places, and languages, children's stories highlighting different cultures and a mix of fun and educational activities to spark imagination.

Is Paddington's Postcards one annual payment or a monthly subscription?

Paddington's Postcards is a monthly subscription service. With a commitment of just $15 per month, you give your child a year-long journey alongside Paddington while making a meaningful donation to UNICEF USA, which supports children worldwide. As your child becomes more knowledgeable about the world with each month's rich educational materials and delightful surprises, the positive impact of your support for children in need grows.

Can I update or change my details?

Yes, you can easily update or change your details by contacting us at 212-922-2626 or via email at We're here to assist you with any changes or questions you may have regarding Paddington's Postcards.

How does Paddington's Postcards contribute to UNICEF USA's work?

By joining Paddington's Postcards, you're not just gifting your child with enriching experiences and teaching them to appreciate diversity. You're also supporting UNICEF USA's mission to ensure every child can grow up healthy, educated, respected and protected. Your monthly donation helps fund UNICEF's vital work around the world, making a life-changing difference for children in need. Join us in creating positive impact today!

If you have questions about Paddington’s Postcards, please contact us at 212-922-2626 or via email at