Urge World Leaders to Put Child Refugees and Migrants First

Tell President Obama and other world leaders to prioritize the needs of 50 million child refugee and migrants

Across the globe, nearly 50 million children — a staggering number — have left or fled their homes. More than half these children are escaping violence and war. Join us in urging President Obama to ask world policymakers to make good on their commitments to offer more humanitarian aid to child refugees and migrants and guarantee their rights to education, family and protection.

Children aren’t defined by borders — and no child should be condemned to suffer because of where they were born.

How You Can Help

The President needs to hear from you! Send the President a letter – urge him and other world leaders to make good on their commitments to child refugees and migrants after the September 2016 United Nations summits on the world's worst refugee and migrant crisis since World War II.


Letter to the President

Subject:Please prioritize the needs of child refugees and migrants

Mr. President:

Thank you for your leadership at the recent UN summits on migrants and refugees. We appreciated your focus on the needs of children, including commitments to improve access to education for a million more uprooted children, and support the "Education Cannot Wait" fund for education in emergencies.

Mr. President, we need U.S. leadership, now more than ever, to encourage world leaders to make good on their commitments and to ensure that our own government leads by example for migrant and refugee children in our country.

The 50 million kids who have been uprooted from their homes by bombs, bullets, disasters, and devastating poverty, are first and foremost children — not migrants, not refugees, just children. They had no role in creating the crises or conditions that force them to flee, yet they bear the brunt of the impact, losing their formative years, their futures — and sometimes their lives — to violence, exploitation and deprivation.

Children deserve their rights to education and to family; they deserve and protection from abuse, trafficking and exploitation, no matter why they are displaced, where they are from or where they end up.

I ask you to continue your leadership for displaced children and that you:

* personally remind world leaders to make good on their commitments from the UN summits;
* increase U.S. humanitarian support for children in crisis, including for education; and
* ensure that policies and programs that affect migrant and refugee children in the United States protect the child’s best interests.

I know you share my deep concern for children around the world uprooted from their homes and countries. Children are resourceful, resilient and incredibly optimistic. They deserve the support and resources to allow them to build their own futures — and ours. Mr. President, please make sure world leaders and the American people understand that children must be their top priority.

Thank you.


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