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Sacred Heart Schools Chicago - Sheridan Road (SHS) and UNICEF USA teamed up to inspire SHS students to learn about the education challenges that face children globally and raise funds to build sustainable classrooms in Côte d'Ivoire. 

Students helping students by building sustainable classrooms made from recycled plastic

In Côte d'Ivoire, schools are chronically over capacity, and pollution is a serious issue. The classrooms are constructed using bricks made from recycled plastic waste through the UNICEF-Conceptos Plásticos program, supporters like SHS are helping the country tackle both issues at once.

Through the program, part of the Green Schools Initiative, new classrooms are being constructed using bricks made from recycled plastic. The lightweight, waterproof, fire and wind resistant material is also cost-effective compared to traditional bricks. By generating demand for the material, the program is a boon to the local economy, increasing job opportunities in the local recycling market which is led by women.

The program is also helping get kids back in school. Dozens of new classrooms have been built serving thousands of students.

Funds raised by SHS are supporting classroom construction and other improvements to the schools, including new latrines and safe water points. UNICEF is also providing desks, chairs, school supplies and teacher training with SHS support.

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