Like UNICEF, faith-based organizations understand the importance of serving the world's most vulnerable populations

A belief in human dignity, a dedication to end injustice and a commitment to care for the marginalized are core principles that unite many communities of faith. These principles are also essential in effecting change around the globe to protect children and to help them survive and thrive. 

UNICEF USA works with faith-based partners who are headquartered in the U.S. to educate, advocate and fundraise in support of UNICEF’s global work. Our partnerships range from individual congregations holding year-end fundraisers to support a particular emergency response to an entire denomination intent on making a collective impact through their dollars and voices to interfaith networks joining together to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of children.

Our faith-based partnerships are customized to the interests of your organization and the impact you want to have on the next generation. 

Learn more about how UNICEF and civil society groups work together to create better futures for children.

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