Partner since: 1981

Johnson & Johnson, through its commitment to the health and well-being of vulnerable communities, has been a key partner to the UNICEF USA for three decades, focusing on emergency relief and a healthy start for infants and children.

The company’s philanthropy is inspired by its credo responsibility to the local communities in which its employees live and work, and to the global community of which we are all part. Penned in 1943 by Robert Wood Johnson, former chairman and son of one of the company’s founders, the corporate credo serves as a guiding philosophy, outlining responsibilities to customers, employees, communities, and shareholders.

The philanthropic mission of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies focuses on making life-changing, long-term differences in human health in three strategic areas

  • Saving and improving the lives of women and children
  • Building the skills of people who serve community health needs, primarily through education and
  • Preventing diseases and reducing stigma and disability in underserved communities where Johnson & Johnson has a high potential for impact

Over the past 30 years, Johnson & Johnson has supported UNICEF through philanthropic grants, employee giving, and product donations in support of maternal and newborn health programs around the world.

Partnership Summary

Reducing Infant and Child Mortality with Innovative Solutions

Johnson & Johnson is partnering with the UNICEF USA to support UNICEF’s Project Mwana: a Mobile Health initiative to reduce infant and child mortality, provide better access to HIV services for mothers and infants, and strengthen community health services across the continuum of care. In Zambia, the pilot has been running successfully for several years and the Government is looking to UNICEF and partners, like Johnson & Johnson, to scale nationally.

Protecting Children’s Health in Emergencies

Johnson & Johnson is a key partner in providing emergency support to UNICEF on behalf of women and children in times of natural disaster and conflict. With a specific focus on assuring children’s health is not neglected during emergencies, Johnson & Johnson provided support to relief efforts after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, lifesaving aid to support ongoing maternal and child health in the aftermath of the 2008 earthquake in the Sichuan Province, China, and aid for displaced mothers and newborns living in refugee camps in Pakistan.

Preventing Maternal and Infant Mortality

Johnson & Johnson has also provided support to UNICEF's Home-Based Newborn Care initiative that brings basic health care to newborns in remote locations, in an effort to reduce the soaring neonatal mortality rates in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The goals of this program are to improve newborn health by integrating community maternal and child health care in high-risk areas, and to use the program as a model for other communities—creating the possibility that no children perish from preventable causes.