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 Partner since: 1981

Johnson & Johnson and UNICEF are committed to empowering those on the frontlines of care by providing access to the skills training, resources, and digital tools they need to advance health for everyone, everywhere. Our collaborations in 30 countries and territories have strengthened health systems by providing lifesaving assistance to communities most in need.

Since 2018, our global partnership has focused on four key priorities: 1) health worker training; 2) digital health innovations; 3) psychosocial support for health workers; and 4) health systems strengthening. Through this work, we advance the ability of health workers to keep themselves and their communities safe, while stengthening health systems and bridging health access and equity gaps.

UNICEF and Johnson & Johnson are committed to driving transformational change by building a global frontline of health workers and strengthening health systems at scale. 

Since 2018 and with J&J's support, we have reached 40,000  health workers and almost 1MN beneficiaries. Key activities include: helping mothers and caregivers access quality health information through digital messaging; building the capacity of healthcare workers to deliver quality care through skills training and access to tools and resources; and, implementation and scaling up of early essential newborn care interventions and care.


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