December 2013, Iraq. 12-year-old Safaa works on an arithmetic problem with her teacher’s help, in a tented classroom at a UNICEF-supported school in the Kawergosk camp for Syrian refugees.

No Lost Generation

In 2014 NextGen selected a $500,000 project to support equitable access to education for out of school kids in Syria and the Region. The Syrian crisis has displaced hundreds of thousands of children, preventing many from accessing schooling. Without education, protection, and support for these children, there is a risk of losing an entire generation to this conflict. This project will support education efforts in Syria and neighboring countries by increasing access to learning spaces, expanding access to recreational activities and and strengthening alternative education programs for out-of-school kids. 

The Education Above All Foundation partnered with UNICEF and matched, dollar for dollar, the donations to the No Lost Generation project. This doubled the impact of our donations and increased NextGen's contribution to $1 million.

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