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Polio outbreak in Syria

The re-emergence of polio in Syria adds urgency to UNICEF’s massive immunization campaign. Executive Director Anthony Lake is speaking with senior Syrian officials to gain access to children in the war zones. Read more ... Reuters reports that at least 22 children have paralysis symptoms associated with the disease while The New York Times adds that neighboring regions are also at risk.

Crisis in Central African Republic

Fleeing the escalating violence in the troubled Central African Republic, more than 44,000 displaced people are relying on UNICEF for lifesaving supplies. Read more ...

Why we volunteer

Three dedicated volunteers at the U.S. Fund’s recent effort to send winter clothing to Syrian children. Read more ...

UNICEF issues in the news

Forgotten victims of Sandy

One year after Sandy, Al Jazeera reports from Haiti, where cholera and donor fatigue are just two of many challenges.

A fresh case against child marriage

One out of three girls in developing countries is married before the age 18. The Guardian breaks down the latest UN population survey.

A big step in the fight to End Trafficking

The Times reports on New YorkState’s new Human Trafficking Intervention Courts, which give defendants brought in on prostitution charges a chance to escape trafficking.

Securing the future for Afghanistan’s girls

UNICEF’s Executive Director visited “an extraordinary school” in Afghanistan this week. Read about it.

And one more …

Step by Step: the path to ending child mortality

We love hearing from other Believers in ZERO. Check out this excellent project by GlobalPost and the Kaiser Family Foundation.