UNICEF Responds to Landslide in Afghanistan

A major landslide hit Abi-Barak village in the Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan on Friday, May 2. Although the exact number of casualties has yet to be confirmed, the death toll is expected to be high.

UNICEF staff visited the affected area today to assess the situation, identifying the most urgent needs and mobilizing the response for the affected families.

UNICEF's most immediate priority is to provide support for those families who are being relocated to a safer area and to provide urgent psychosocial support for children whose lives have been most severely disrupted, including those who have lost parents, family members and their homes.

Providing clean water and safe sanitation in areas to which families are being relocated is also an urgent priority that UNICEF is addressing.

Once more detailed assessments have been completed, UNICEF will look to provide additional support in education, health and nutrition in the coming days.

This response is in addition to the more extensive and ongoing response by UNICEF and partners to the flooding in the Northern Region of Afghanistan last week that affected approximately 10,000 families across five provinces.

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