A mother carries her child on her back to make her way through an area of Guerrero state, southwestern Mexico, in wake of Hurricane Otis. Photo by Getty Images.

UNICEF Delivers Relief After Hurricane Otis Slams Mexico

In collaboration with state and federal authorities, UNICEF is providing humanitarian assistance and protection to children and adolescents in areas of Mexico's Guerrero state devastated by Hurricane Otis. You can help.

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300,000 children in southwestern Guerrero state in need of emergency assistance

An estimated 1 million people — including nearly 300,000 children — are in need of emergency assistance after Hurricane Otis made landfall on Oct. 25 in southwest Mexico, killing at least 27 people and destroying thousands of homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces.

UNICEF is on the ground working in coordination with local authorities to provide immediate relief and to assess short-, medium- and long-term needs for affected communities in five municipalities. Acapulco was among the hardest hit areas.

In these kinds of emergency situations, UNICEF warns, children and adolescents may face a lack of adequate nutrition, limited access to safe drinking water and higher risks of diseases related to water stagnation and dehydration, as well as reduced medical care.

After a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes, children can also face higher risks of physical and emotional harm due to a possible increase in violence and crime. Storm damage to homes and critical infrastructure such as hospitals and schools only adds to these risks.

UNICEF is delivering safe water and sanitation, psychosocial support and protection to children in Mexico affected by Hurricane Otis

Priorities for UNICEF's hurricane response include:

  • delivering safe water and sanitation kits
  • providing displaced children and youth safe spaces to gather, learn, play and receive psychosocial support — many schools have closed in the wake of the storm, disrupting education for almost 178,000 students
  • preventing violence against children and adolescents
  • training frontline staff to protect young people from exploitation and abuse 
  • providing supplies and technical support as needed to health-care workers to keep essential services going

UNICEF responds to an average of 300 natural disasters and other emergencies around the world every year. Help UNICEF reach more children and families who need help. Donate today.

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TOP PHOTO: A woman and child make their way through an area of Guerrero state, Mexico, on Oct. 26, 2023, a day after Hurricane Otis made landfall, devastating communities across five municipalities. UNICEF is on the ground delivering safe water and other humanitarian relief to children and families in need. © Photo by Silvana Flores/Anadolu via Getty Images