Twelve-year-old Ahmed standing in his classroom in Al-Hamzi school, which was damaged by the conflict in 2015, in Yemen's Hajjah governorate, March 2021.

Students in Yemen Are Determined to Learn, Against All Odds

Almost 2 million children have been forced out of their homes by ongoing war in Yemen. When violence broke out nearby, 12-year-old Ahmed and his family fled their house and took shelter in a school building already partially damaged by earlier attacks. 


"Education was interrupted for almost a month," says school principal Yanya Al-Atr. "The students' morale was badly affected because there were no classes. They began to study in the rubble, inside the tents and under the shade of trees."


"I love school and education from the bottom of my heart," says Ahmed. "My dream is to graduate from university. I wish to be a pilot." 


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Children who do not finish their education are trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of poverty. If out-of-school children aren't properly supported, they may never return to the classroom.


UNICEF is working with partners around the world to help students like Ahmed and other children in Yemen and many other countries around the world continue their education so they can reach their full potential. You can help.


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Top photo: Forced out of their home by heavy fighting, 12-year-old Ahmed and his family took shelter in a partially damaged school in Yemen's Hajjah governorate. © UNICEF/UN0459571/Marish. Video by Tong Su for UNICEF USA.