Swearing in Sen. Cortez-Masto (D-NV)

Getting to Know Nevada’s New Senator

First Congressional Action Team Meeting at Sen. Cortez-Masto's Office

Our UNICEF Congressional Action Team (CAT) recently met with Deputy Chief of Staff Laura Hatalsky in the Washington office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) to discuss UNICEF’s work to save and protect vulnerable children around the world.

Newly elected, Senator Cortez Masto is the first woman to represent Nevada in the Senate and the first Latina Senator in U.S. history.  As Nevada’s Attorney General, she helped pass a bill to recognize the crime of sex trafficking of children and adults, giving them the steps to procure the necessary assistance needed, and authorizing the right for victims to sue their traffickers.

CAT Meeting at Sen. Cortez-Masto's Office

The office of Senator Cortez Masto warmly welcomed our UNICEF Congressional Action Team (CAT) members.  Ms. Hatalsky was interested to learn each individual’s background and reason for supporting UNICEF’s work to eradicate the various struggles children are facing around the world. Our CAT congratulated the Senator on her victory and expressed gratitude for her long-standing work to support women and children. Ms. Hatalsky expressed her appreciation for UNICEF’s actions to ensure the safety and protection of all children. 

The meeting concluded with photos taken of team members and Ms. Hatalsky, and friendly interaction with other staffers in the office. Our team was encouraged following the discussion with Ms. Hatalsky regarding the U.S. Government’s appropriations for UNICEF, as well as UNICEF USA’s End Trafficking Campaign. Our CAT looks forward to continuing the relationship with Senator Cortez Masto’s office and to future opportunities to work with the Senator. 

Getty Images. NPR. 20 Feb. 2017