NEW YORK / GENEVA (April 28, 2022) – Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is contributing USD $10 million to UNICEF’s emergency response to support vulnerable children and families impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine and those who’ve fled to neighbouring countries.

To date, nearly 4.7 million refugees have crossed from Ukraine into Europe. UNICEF estimates that over 2 million refugees are children, many are separated or unaccompanied.

The support from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation will help UNICEF provide critical protection services for children and families, including the identification of unaccompanied children, psychosocial support, and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, among others.

“The war in Ukraine is a child crisis. Every day more children are fleeing their homes, leaving everything they know behind in a desperate search for safety,” said Carla Haddad Mardini, UNICEF’s Director of UNICEF’s Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division in Geneva. “As the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, the support from the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation will enable us to reach many more children and families who need our assistance,” she added.

In addition to supporting UNICEF, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has also provided physical goods alongside much needed psychosocial and emotional spiritual care to refugee families across three cities in Poland, with plans to expand the aid to reach 15,000 individuals by the end of June.

“Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is deeply concerned by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. With our core value of relieving suffering regardless of religion, ethnicity and culture, our foundation is committed to supporting the health and well-being of children and families at this critical time.” said CEO Po Wen Yen. “It will take collaborative efforts from governments, corporations, NGOs and local communities to ensure that all needs are met with compassion, gratitude, respect and love. Therefore, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is proud to support UNICEF to provide necessary services to the most vulnerable children and families displaced by the Ukrainian crisis.”



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Tiffany Tu, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Project Specialist, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Tel: +1 909.447.7799

Ann Reinking Whitener, UNICEF USA, 212.922.2623, 


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Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to relieve the suffering of those in need while creating a better world for all through compassion, love and hope.

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Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s response for children and families impacted by war in Ukraine

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has, to date, held nine distributions across three cities in Poland in response to the outpouring of refugees into neighboring countries. Aid items have included but are not limited to Biedronka Gift Cards, eco-blankets, sleeping bags, and food items.

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