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Humanitarian Circle

UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary donations to continue and scale its lifechanging and lifesaving services for children

The Humanitarian Circle is a recognized, nationwide group of the most dedicated UNICEF USA supporters commited to creating better futures for children. Through their vision, thought leadership and funding, Humanitarians help advance UNICEF's work and mission. With the help of these supporters, UNICEF is able to respond to 300 emergencies a year and save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization.

For questions, to learn more about the Humanitarian Circle or request personalized donation methods including gifts of securities or planned giving, contact Mary Weingartner at (312) 222-9109 or

Learn more about the different donor communities and why UNICEF is the leading children's humanitarian development organization.



Eilaf, 16, of Sudan, is one of thousands of children living in a country affected by conflict and who has submitted her original work as part of UNICEF's Poems for Peace Initiative.

Children in War Write Poems for Peace

UNICEF shares its growing collection of poems by young people — deeply personal works that show resilience, creativity and hope in the face of danger.

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