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No Time to Wait

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The Every Child Fund

Three illustrated profiles of women with varying shades of skin, facing right. To their right are a drawing of a UNICEF plane, and a UNICEF worker watching a child get water out of a UNICEF water cooler.

Flexible funding: UNICEF’s most valuable tool for children

UNICEF’s most valuable funds are also the most needed today.

Sileen, 4, is sitting in front of the classrooms at one of the UNRWA school turned into a shelter for many families following the escalation in the Gaza Strip.
The Case for Supporting UNICEF
Working in pursuit of a more equitable world for children takes commitment and leadership.
Green Girls Eco-Charcoal Project Takes Off in Burundi
UNICEF Burundi's Green Girls 2.0 drives equity and local business development.
On May 17, 2021, a Palestinian child stands in front of the Gaza port, which was targeted by Israeli bombardment during the recent escalation.
First Trucks Cross into Gaza with Supplies for Children Caught in Conflict
UNICEF continues to call for an immediate ceasefire.
Nazi, 4, Barmal District, Paktika Province, Afghanistan, received emergency support from UNICEF after surviving an earthquake that killed most of her family and flattened her home on June 22, 2022.
Emergency Response for Children After Afghanistan Earthquakes
UNICEF and partners are reaching children and families with urgently needed humanitarian assistance.

UNICEF won't stop working for every child.