Hispanic Federation is a nonprofit membership and advocacy organization, founded in 1990, with a mission to empower and advance the Hispanic community and a focus on low- income, marginalized and immigrant Latinos. Since 2016, Hispanic Federation and UNICEF USA have worked together to support communities across the United States and Latin America – most recently in Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

Amplifying Impact for Children

UNICEF USA and Hispanic Federation are dedicated to strengthening support for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers throughout Latin America. For this reason, Hispanic Federation and UNICEF USA joined forces in June 2021 to launch the Migrant Services Partnership, dedicated to creating access to services for migrant children and families, refugees and asylum seekers in the United States and Mexico.

With UNICEF’s on-the-ground field office infrastructure and support services in Mexico, and HF’s experience serving immigrant communities and nonprofit institutions in the U.S., the following goals of the Migrant Services Partnership will be achieved:

  • Providing comprehensive social services to migrant children and families on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border
  • Ensuring that migrants have access to reliable and free legal services.
  • Strengthening local efforts through capacity-building, coalition-building, and public education campaigns

Together, we will have a holistic impact on the livelihood and wellbeing of migrant families and their children through ensuring they are able to access psychosocial, legal and mental health services.