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The world needs people who believe there's no challenge too great when it comes to helping a vulnerable child. People like you. With your support, UNICEF won't stop until every child has a safe and healthy childhood.

Together, we won't stop until every child is nourished

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This year, with your support, we will treat 4.2 million children around the world for severe acute malnutrition.

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the largest in the world, and children are paying the price.

This miracle packet saves starving children. It costs 30 cents.

Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) is packed with nutrients that can bring a child back from the brink of starvation. See the story of a boy named Gift >

UNICEF responds to around 300 emergencies every year — and they are getting more severe.

43 tons of emergency supplies

That’s how much lifesaving relief UNICEF packed up and shipped out to help families in Beira, Mozambique, who lost everything to Cyclone Idai.

Schools and hospitals are flattened, houses and roads have collapsed, cars and boats are hanging in trees.”

Manuel Moreno Gonzalez, UNICEF
UNICEF Communication Specialist, The Bahamas

Joochim Maseline cradles her sleeping 2-year-old daughter, Stacy. The single mother and her three children lost everything when their home was wrecked by Hurricane Dorian.

UNICEF will reach 41 million children in

59 countries

with emergency aid this year, thanks to supporters like you. Learn more >

UNICEF workers brave treacherous terrain, disasters and disease to deliver safe water to children in more than 100 countries.

Safe water is a human right

In South Sudan, UNICEF is transforming children’s lives by bringing access to clean water.

UNICEF is working to supply safe water for drinking, cooking and hygiene to 42.8 million people this year. Learn More >

1 in 4 children

will live in areas of extreme water stress by 2040. It’s up to us to help them survive.

With your help, we provided menstrual health and hygiene services to 1.3 million women and girls last year.


water purification tablets

$48 =

10,000 water purification tablets

Children are the first victims of war. During emergencies and armed conflicts, they are the most vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

Children in crisis

This map highlights the global humanitarian situation at the end of 2019 and some of the major conflicts affecting children and their families.

Nearly 31 million children have been forcibly displaced by violence and conflict around the world.

We’re preventing a lost generation by providing safe spaces and supporting caregivers to help create a buffer between these children and the chaos around them. Learn More >

Migrant. Refugee. Child.

As children seeking safety make the dangerous journey toward a new life, UNICEF will be there to keep them healthy and safe.

We push the limits of what’s possible to give every child the care they deserve, no matter where they live.

The survival of girls and boys in a humanitarian crisis depends on high-impact health interventions, adequate nutrition and protection from diseases. Learn More >


UNICEF and partners help vaccinate 45% of the world’s children.

In the earliest years of life, especially from pregnancy to age three, babies need nutrition, protection and stimulation for healthy brain development.

In the remote nation of Vanuatu, 20 percent of children miss their shots because villages are so hard to reach. So UNICEF pioneered a program to deliver vaccines using drones.

The opportunity to learn can change the course of a life and provide new paths out of poverty, violence and conflict.

In early childhood, children's brains can form 1,000,000 neural connections every second, the building blocks of every child's future.

UNICEF provides safe and welcoming learning environments with trained teachers, who are ready to help vulnerable children as they develop and gain the skills they need to grow.

Giving children a fair chance to learn

In the world’s poorest countries, many obstacles stand between children and their education. Together, we won’t let that stop them.

By 2021, UNICEF is committed to providing 93 million girls and boys with individual education or early learning materials. Learn more >

With innovative tools and advocacy, we’re empowering children to raise their voices to speak out for their own rights and futures. Learn more >

U-Report is a messaging tool created by UNICEF, where young people around the world can be heard on issues that matter to them.

U-Report is now active in 60 countries, benefiting 8 million children all over the world.

Children’s voices speak for generations

Children and young people of today are taking the lead on demanding urgent action. You are taking a stand now, and we are listening.”

Henrietta Fore
UNICEF Executive Director

The most meaningful gifts this holiday season are UNICEF’s gifts that give back.
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Meet artist Elvia Melendez. A native of Peru, Elvia learned textile arts from her mother, who learned from her grandmother, as this art was handed down in her family for generations.
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Discover beautiful hand-crafted gifts that save children’s lives and support talented artisans around the world.

this art means everything to me. i feel fulfilled as a person. I create each piece with love, and hope you enjoy my designs.”

Elvia Melendez, Peru

A child is a child, no matter where in the world they are born. And every child deserves joy.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandela