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L’OCCITANE's partnership with UNICEF focuses on addressing vitamin A deficiencies in children that leave them at risk of visual impairment. In developing countries, 250,000 to 500,000 children become blind each year due to a lack of vitamin A.

L’OCCITANE has committed more than $1 million annually to UNICEF through funds raised from product-based campaigns, including the annual UNICEF Solidarity Soap campaign. Partners aim to reach 3 million beneficiaries — women and children — with vitamin A supplements and awareness by 2022.

Preventing childhood blindness with vitamin A and education

UNICEF leverages the support from L’OCCITANE to provide vitamin A supplements to children in Bolivia, Myanmar, Niger and Papua New-Guinea, countries where deficiencies are most prevalent. From 6 months to 5 years of age, two high-dose supplements of vitamin A per year — spaced four to six months apart — can strengthen a child's immune system, protecting against blindness while also decreasing their risk of dying from preventable causes like measles and diarrhea.

The L’OCCITANE partnership also helps fund UNICEF training and education programs for mothers and caregivers that emphasize the importance of micronutrients and immunization

"This partnership provides a wonderful opportunity for L’OCCITANE to strengthen its commitment to the fight against preventable blindness," says Charlotte Jonchère, former General Delegate of the L’OCCITANE Foundation. "We are very proud to support UNICEF in setting up this program."

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