2019 has only just begun, but thanks to you UNICEF is off to a great start to give every child the happy new year and childhood they deserve

A Special Thank-You to UNICEF Supporters From the World's Children

Over the past several weeks, you united with UNICEF USA's generous community of donors to give hope to children living in places where hope — like so many of life's essentials — is in extremely short supply. 


We are truly grateful to you for finding a place in your hearts for them. We also thank you for helping UNICEF continue to give children the education, clean water, health care, protection — and childhoods they deserve. 





2019 has only just begun, but UNICEF is already off to a promising start giving every child a happier new year. 


Children all over the world are getting their healthy start — thanks to UNICEF lifesaving vaccines and health care. Millions of children living in conflict zones are taking great comfort in the protection and supplies UNICEF is uniquely able to provide. Refugee and migrant children, no matter where they are, are experiencing a sense of belonging in the safe havens of UNICEF Child-Friendly Spaces.


We look forward to continuing to work together to make 2019 even brighter for all the children of the world.





Top photo: UNICEF's learning readiness program will help these children hit the ground running when they begin primary school in the Afar region of Ethiopia© UNICEF/UN0251908/Tadesse

© UNICEF/UN0251908/T.