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Kids get active and save lives at a UNICEF Kid Power Month 2017 event in Los Angeles, CA

See What People Are Saying About UNICEF Kid Power This Month

From P!NK, Tyson Chandler and Ashley Eckstein to ordinary kids around the nation, thousands of Americans are getting active and saving lives.

As we celebrate the achievements of our second annual UNICEF Kid Power Month, we're also reviewing what kids, kids-at-heart, their families, friends and supporters are saying about Kid Power. Activating their inner heroes, thousands of Americans have joined Kid Power to get active in many different, fun and exciting ways — all because they want to save lives and make a real difference.

In fact, the entire Kid Power team has had a major impact. Even before UNICEF Kid Power month started, Kid Power participants had unlocked 6.4 million ready-to-use therapeautic (RUTF) food packets by using using their Kid Power Bands, the world's first Wearable-for-Good®. That was enough to save the lives of more than 40,000 malnourished children!  

This month, Kid Power participants are only adding more RUTF to that total. They should take a bow ... and make sure they're earning Kid Power points while they do.

Here's just a sampling of what Kid Power participants and advocates have said about their Kid Power experience this month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

Just learning about UNICEF Kid Power for the first time? Our second annual UNICEF Kid Power Month may be ending, but UNICEF Kid Power team members can step, run, jump, play and dance all year long.  


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