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Mother's Day Gifts That Put Children First

Mothers will do anything to protect their kids, but sometimes even they need support. Give a UNICEF Inspired Gift to help mothers provide their kids with the best start in life.

Are you looking for a unique way to say "thank you" to your mom this Mother's Day? The UNICEF Inspired Gifts Collection now offers Mother's Day Gift Baskets chock full of essential supplies that help moms in need to keep their children healthy and safe. Donating one in your mom's honor this Mother's Day is a great way to show her you appreciate her. 

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are vital supplies. Things like learning materials that will help children living in a refugee camp invest in their future, baby clothes and blankets for infants, Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food that can restore the health of a severely malnourished child — and vaccines to protect children from deadly, preventable diseases.

Water, health care, education and nutrition are the basics every mother wants — and needs — for her child. They're also hard to come by in places where families are living in poverty, crisis or conflict.

With UNICEF Inspired Gifts, though, giving these essentials is easy. Choose your gift, then dedicate it to your mom using one of our beautiful Mother's Day greeting cards. UNICEF will take it from there, delivering the supplies to make another mom's day.




Spend $25 on mosquito nets in the Child Health gift category, for example, and UNICEF will deliver mosquito nets to protect nine families from malaria. Interested in Nutrition? $90 buys enough therapeutic milk to treat three children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Whether you spend $24 for 5,000 water purification tablets or $500 on a Survive, Then Thrive! Gift Basket, your gift in honor of Mom is sure to make a big difference. 

Pauline Kouissi Kossia, 35 years old, her husband and her four children, aged two to 11, have been sleeping under mosquito nets for the past six years. They live in the village of Parhadi in the North East of Côte d'Ivoire.

Pauline Kouissi Kossia and her children live in Côte D'Ivoire, where sleeping under mosquito nets has drastically lowered her family's risk of contracting malaria. "It's a good investment because nets are a lot cheaper than malaria medication," explains the mother of four. In Côte D'Ivoire, ten percent of the nation's children die before the age of ten from illnesses that are easy to prevent and treat, like pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. A $25 UNICEF Inspired Gift will provide nine families with mosquito nets. © UNICEF/UN061392/Dejongh

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, UNICEF is there to help mothers and fathers provide for their children — even under the most challenging circumstances.

Right now, UNICEF is immunizing children around the world to halt the alarming global surge in measles cases, which increased 48.1 percent between 2017 and 2018. For just $40, you can help by donating enough measles vaccines to protect 50 children. 

In Yemen, ten million people are one step away from famine; 360,000 children under five are severely malnourished. When you donate a UNICEF Inspired Nutrition Gift of therapeutic food or milk, you can help bring a severely malnourished child back to good health.

A woman and her child wait to receive relief items distributed by UNICEF, including a treated mosquito net and blankets, in Dhangar Tole ward no. 12, Gaur Municipality, Rautahat District, Nepal, Tuesday 22 August 2017.

When natural disasters destroy families' homes and belongings, UNICEF provides hygiene basics, like soap and a bucket for washing up, along with supplies they can use to keep their drinking water clean and safe. Here, a woman and her child wait to receive relief items distributed by UNICEF in the wake of 2017’s widespread flooding in Nepal. © UNICEF/UN0118483/Shrestha

Buying an inspired gift can also support UNICEF's ongoing global efforts to protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases. These vital humanitarian gifts range in price from $71, which will finance tetanus shots for 200 children, to just $20, which is all it takes to buy a portable carrier to keep those very vaccines at the constant temperature needed to maintain their effectiveness.

UNICEF Inspired Charity Gifts can also help children learn by outfitting a classroom with pencils and exercise books, art supplies or math lesson materials. If your mom is serious about education, a $210 gift donation in her honor is enough to send a School-in-a-Box kit to help at least 40 children keep learning. UNICEF School-in-a-Box kits are now being used in Mozambique, where Cyclone Idai devastated many schools.

On 11 April 2019 in Beira, Mozambique, Nilda Alberta Massuve, 6, receives her education pack. UNICEF and partners distributed educations packs to learners at 12 Outobro Primary School. The school was severely damaged by Cyclone Idai. UNICEF is ramping u

Nilda Alberta's school in Beira, Mozambique, was severely damaged by Cyclone Idai, the worst natural disaster to hit southern Africa in at least two decades. To keep Nilda and other children learning in the storm's aftermath, UNICEF and partners distributed education packs to primary school students across the country.  © UNICEF/UN0299183/Oatway

The UNICEF Inspired Gifts collection also offers a range of sports equipment, from jump ropes to soccer balls. UNICEF has found that playing provides relief to children who are living in crisis. For them, any of the UNICEF Inspired Education or Recreation Gifts can provide much-needed healing opportunities.

At Rumbek Hospital. Ayen Kuac is helping her daughter Yar Makoi with the appetite test. The test helps the health workers determine how severe the malnutrition is. Yar Makoi is seventh months old and Ayen’s number six. Ayen explains how she has breastfed

In South Sudan, Ayen Kuac gives her daughter, Yar Makoi, Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food, a nutrient-rich paste made from peanuts, which is packed with all the vitamins severely malnourished children need to return to good health.  © UNICEF/UN0234682/Ryeng

Nutrition gifts range from a two-month supply of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) — a tasty, nutrient-rich paste made from peanuts that helps children recover from severe acute malnutrition ($60) — to a year's supply of vitamin sprinkles for two toddlers ($28).

UNICEF works nonstop to deliver lifesaving nutrition, health care, education and protection to children in over 150 countries and territories. This Mother's Day, give a UNICEF Inspired Gift to support that important work — and make Mom proud!




Top Photo: UNICEF is committed to helping every mother make sure her children can survive and thrive. © UNICEF/UN0264184/Brembati