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Citizenship in the World Badge for Boy Scouts

UNICEF USA and Boy Scouts of Metro Atlanta joined forces on March 23, 2019 to engage over 100 scouts on the importance of global citizenship in the world. The scouts have over 100 badge options they can go after, one being the Citizenship in the World badge that educates the scouts on subjects such as; international law, cultures, geography, and current world issues. It prompts scouts to understand how to conduct themselves in the global world and inspires them to look outside their own cultures and countries to embrace others.

Led by Atlanta Community Engagement Fellow LaDarrien Gillette who created the workshop, scouts had the opportunity to participate in hands on activities and small group discussions throughout the day. In addition, local UNICEF UNITERs lent a hand to help the flow of the workshop and offer scouts additional help as they worked through the activity. This provided a wonderful engagement opportunity for local supporters to become more involved and also help educate the community on the importance of organizations like UNICEF.

“I love international relations, traveling, and learning about different cultures so it was easy to create a workshop that highlighted all of these things. I was honored to be able to share this with the Boy Scouts of Metro Atlanta”.-LaDarrien Gillette

To ensure that Scouts are fully prepared for the workshop there are required readings beforehand to help them understand the various concepts throughout the lesson. Readings include current international news, background research on how international law works, and videos that explain the different forms of government. This workshop works so well because it takes a difficult concept and makes it fun to learn about. It creates a space where Scouts challenge one another with activities focused on international trade and learning about other cultures. UNICEF USA brings a global brand that is the perfect introduction for American students to learn more about the United Nations and prepare them to actively participate in the global world we live in.