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Urge Congress to Keep Girls in School

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Prior to the pandemic, 132 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 were out of school. As a result of COVID-19 disruptions, UNESCO estimates that 11.2 million additional girls may not return to school.


Evidence shows that enrolling and keeping girls in school can positively impact their health, protection and future economic prosperity. It also improves the security of their communities and countries. Yet barriers such as child marriage, harassment, violence, care burdens and negative gender norms keep girls from long-term, quality education, denying them this basic human right.

The bipartisan Keeping Girls in School Act (H.R.4134 / S.2276) is designed to harness the power of the U.S. Government to address these barriers through smart investments and coordination between government agencies.

Join us in asking your Members of Congress to cosponsor and help pass the Keeping Girls in School Act!