Urge Congress to Keep Girls in School

UNICEF won't stop until every girl is back in school

COVID-19 has put over 10 million girls at risk of dropping out of school — for good — endangering their health and their futures.

There are many factors keeping girls from long-term, quality education. The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated all of them — threatening to roll back decades of progress helping girls attain this basic human right.

At its most dire, the pandemic forced 1.6 billion children out of school. The loss of so much learning and development has meant setbacks for an entire generation.

For some — girls, more likely than boys — these setbacks could become permanent. In many countries, girls are more likely to perform household chores, such as fetching water. They are more likely to act as caregivers for sick family members and younger siblings.

When schools closed, child labor and early marriage rates increased. It is very difficult for girls who are sent to work or married off to get back to learning. 

The bipartisan Keeping Girls in School Act (H.R.4134 / S.2276) is designed to harness the power of the U.S. Government to address the many barriers to education that girls face, through smart investments and coordination between government agencies.

Join us in asking your Members of Congress to cosponsor and help pass the Keeping Girls in School Act!


Learn more about the Keeping Girls in School Act (H.R.4134 / S.2276).