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Students play football at the School of Peace, Kousseri internally displaced peoples site, Lake Region, Chad, Thursday 20 April 2017.

Target & UNICEF USA’s Partnership: Empowering Kids and Communities

Partner since 2015

Target is a longtime champion of UNICEF USA, working to support UNICEF's work to help save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children — and come to their aid whenever and wherever they need help. 

After COVID-19 hit in 2020, Target donated $1.25 million to support UNICEF’s work to End the Pandemic by ensuring fair, equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Target's support included $500,000 to help UNICEF provide oxygen and rapid testing during India’s devastating second wave.  

Target and UNICEF: committed to sustainable change for children

Through its partnership with UNICEF USA, Target aims to build upon the expansive nature of its business and value chain, and help drive progress toward the global Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on those areas where it can make the greatest contributions.  

For example, in an effort to improve workplace conditions across the global supply chain, Target is funding interventions designed to promote child-friendly business practices that benefit factory workers in Vietnam.

As a Presenting Sponsor of UNICEF Kid Power, Target also committed $6.5 million to help expand the program, which encouraged kids to "unlock" Read-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets that UNICEF provided to malnourished children. The program empowered over 1 million kids to help their peers around the world by living more active lives. 

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