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Mindful Monday- You are Important.

We're a month into the new year, and let's face it, school and life can be stressful.  National Council member, Malika, is here to share some words of advice with you.  Take hold of opportunities that come your way, and remember you are one of a kind, and so important. This year, stop comparing yourself to others, and use your power to influence change.  

I hope you never lose sight of the goals of our reality. 

I hope you seek your passion with fervor.

I hope you recognize that falling is the first step to standing up. 

I hope you love neighbors and strangers equally.

I hope you recognize your importance.  

My role within this Universe is one that I often lose sight of. As a student, I am surrounded by hundreds of people every day — each trying to make sense of the world around us. It’s quite simple to be entrapped by the gift of knowledge — to fall into the mentality of institutionalized learning: a system that allows our bodies to induce stress based on… well… “falling behind.” I’ve felt the insecurities that stem from school, and I think there’s a good chance many others have, as well. Often, I’ll find myself worrying about a bad grade and comparing myself with my classmates. As just a single being among a sea of thousands — millions, billions —  of brilliant people, it’s hard not to compare myself to others. It’s hard not to compare my current self to even what I perceive to be a better self. 

Such is the twisted reality of our society. The way that, I think, many of us have been exposed to the world makes it quite difficult for us to remember that each of us are travelling on different roads. What takes just a week for someone to understand might take someone else a month to understand. And that is more than okay. One college acceptance, one job acceptance, one “A” is just as impressive as five. The gestalt of your being is one that knows no other path but your own. Your soul is one that will never be another’s.

The purpose of these words is to help us all face our most immediate worries headfirst. As we begin this new year, I wanted to utter into existence a reminder to not lose sight of our value and our worth. 

"The core of our happiness should not stem from any extrinsic, tangible accomplishments. It ought to stem from us."

In this lifetime, we will have to endure an exceptional amount of challenges; but the small, trivial encounters of every day will always triumph. They are what we ought to take joy in. We are here, and our only responsibility in this world is to be good. 

It’s easy to forget about things we can’t see, so I ask you to remember them now. Think about how opportunities here may differ from opportunities elsewhere. Remember to stay humble and kind. And stop comparing yourself to others. By being here, you have the power to influence so much good. Use your power, and make the most of your opportunities without worrying that your opportunities are not enough. Trust me, they are.

for every child.



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