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#CreateForUNICEF: Staying Apart, but Together in Heart


When: Virtually Now-Nov 1, 2020
Where: Social Media
Live Event & Competition Awards: Nov 19th, 4.30pm
Generously supported by the Levant Foundation!

During these difficult times, #CreateForUNICEF offers a way for individuals to channel their energy positively by using creativity to produce something and dedicate it to young people in the world. We hope to flood social media with 'ARTivisms', a creative expression in which the artist attaches a message to inspire others to pursue their dreams, to spread positivity or to raise awareness of an issue. We recognize that creativity can manifest itself in many forms: fashion, painting, drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, writing, and even cooking. We welcome all types of submissions from all skill levels, as long as they are accompanied by a positive message for young people in the world.

Ultimately, we plan to select some of these submissions to be presented in the #CreateForUNICEF fest, an event to be held virtually on Dec 11th, 2020 at 4.30pm. The fest that celebrates the variety and diversity of talents present throughout the Houston community and especially Houston youth. At this year's virtual fest, selected creative expressions submitted on social media from all over the world as part of the #CreateForUNICEF initiative will be featured and awarded. 

Have you, your family or friends been creative during quarantine? If yes, share it to add to the collection of art for young people around the world. We all can bring joy with a simple message of gratitude, compassion and encouragement! UNICEF thanks you for being part of the wonderful community who is sending positive vibes to everyone!

Channel your creativity and positivity into #CreateForUNICEF! Share your talent or art with us to be featured by UNICEF USA.


For any questions, please contact Olivera Jankovska at


UNICEF UNITE Houston has always been creative and now it is the time to show it to everyone!If you are willing to learn more about the UNICEF USA Houston UNITE or to join the team, please contact the Olivera Jankovska. Community Engagement Associate for the Southwest Region at

Banner image created by Daniela Jankovska and submitted for the #CreateForUNICEF initiative.

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