Ask Congress to Protect Dreamers and Families!

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Thank YOU for helping to pass the American Dream and Promise Act! We couldn't have done it without you speaking out to your Representatives. Now, it's on to the Senate!


Friends, please join us in urging Congress to protect children and their families by passing legislation that would allow Dreamers and those who came to the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to remain in the country.

On June 4, the House of Representatives passed the American Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6). Now, it's up to the Senate. Through two bills — the Dream Act (S. 874) and the Safe Environment from Countries Under Repression and in Emergency (SECURE) Act (S. 879) — we can keep families together and ensure that those who have known no other home than the U.S. will be able to live legally in this country.

When children and families are sent back to their countries of origin without adequate protections, they are likely to experience an intensification of the factors — violence, poverty, lack of opportunities, stigmatization, social exclusion and internal displacement — that drove them to migrate in the first place. Migrant and refugee children cannot be sent back to environments where their lives or physical integrity are threatened. Family separation caused by deportation is equally as harmful. The separation of children from their parents is of particular concern, as this runs contrary to their best interests.

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UNICEF Believes Families Belong Together

The only way to protect these young people and families is for the Senate to promptly pass the Dream Act (S. 874), as well as the SECURE Act (S. 879). The legislation would allow young people who have grown up in the United States and families who have built their lives here to continue to contribute to the country they love, and offer a pathway to citizenship.

Congress must act quickly on this legislation. We need you to help!