Protect Children from the Impacts of Climate Change

The impacts of climate change endanger children and threaten their right to live in a clean and safe environment. Despite being least responsible for climate change, children bear the brunt of its impact, with nearly 90% of those who fall ill due climate change being children under five. By 2040, an estimated 25 million more children will be malnourished due to climate change and about 600 million will live in areas with extremely limited water resources.  

The U.S. Government must act now to protect children from the impacts of climate change by incorporating the following practices into U.S. foreign assistance programs and policies:

1. Financing and enhancing the adaptation and resilience of services that children depend upon most, such as water, health, education, and nutrition

2. Reducing emissions and pollution

3. Developing child-centric climate change response plans

4. Empowering children as agents of change by including them in decision-making on climate change programs and policy

Join us in calling on elected officials to prioritize the protection of children from the impacts of climate change.

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