Krishanthi, 3, at home in Shanthipuram, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka, a country in crisis.

Give Sri Lanka a Lifeline

An unprecedented economic crisis is heightening risks for vulnerable children and families in Sri Lanka. Learn more and how to help.




Urgent action is needed to protect vulnerable children and families in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic crisis — one that is now affecting nearly every member of the country's population.

Soaring prices and fuel shortages are pushing essential supplies like food out of reach for many families. Sri Lanka imports more than 80 percent of its medical supplies; but with dollar reserves running out, essential medications are disappearing from shelves, and hospitals and the health care system are close to collapse. Lives are in peril as surgeries are postponed and children and pregnant women are set adrift.

Unless urgent action is taken, this crisis will put families, including children, on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Education for 4.8 million children in Sri Lanka is also at risk, as crisis conditions undermine learning recovery for students whose schooling had already been disrupted by COVID-19.

UNICEF and Rotary International partnership: an opportunity for supporters to 'Give a Lifeline' to Sri Lanka 

Sri Lankans at home and abroad and friends of Sri Lanka who want to help can now do so knowing that their financial assistance will reach children and families in need. 

UNICEF and Rotary International are partnering to deliver urgent aid to the people and communities where it is needed most. The local schools of Ananda, Bishops, Ladies, Royal, St Josephs, St Peters, St Thomas, Vishaka and Wesley are supporting local mobilization and fundraising efforts.

Donors can give with confidence, knowing that this program will be conducted with the same level of transparency and accountability as all past and present UNICEF-Rotary initiatives. The support will help accelerate the delivery of lifesaving supplies, including:

  • medical supplies and equipment to ensure ongoing health care
  • education materials to keep children learning
  • water purification supplies to ensure access to safe, clean water and help prevent disease

Learn more about the partnership between Rotary International and UNICEF to 'Give a Lifeline to Sri Lanka'.

Help children impacted by the crisis in Sri Lanka. Tax-deductible donations can be made safely and securely online or through a Donor Advised Fund. You can also launch your own fundraiser for Sri Lanka through UNICEF USA

Your contribution can make a difference. 



Top photo: Krishanthi, 3, at home in Shanthipuram, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka. UNICEF and Rotary International are offering donors an opportunity to support the emergency response for children and families impacted by the country's deepening economic crisis. © UNICEF/UN0649704/UNICEF Sri Lanka