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Helping Children Through Partnership

People and Partners 2012

Humanitarian Aid Partners: The Source of UNICEF's Strength

UNICEF cannot save the world's children alone. Our humanitarian relief work depends on a vast movement of supporters—including celebrity ambassadors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporate partners, volunteers and, of course, donors. Together we are one of the world's strongest humanitarian relief organizations.

Our celebrity ambassadors are helping children by bringing increased awareness to the troubled areas where children are most in need.

The support of corporate partners makes an enormous impact on children's lives, as do the alliances we have with NGOs.

And UNICEF's relief work would not be possible without the generosity and dedication of our donors and volunteers.

All of our partners are the foundation of a global humanitarian movement to save children's lives.

Over the last 50 years, UNICEF and its humanitarian relief partners have helped reduce the worldwide child mortality rate by more than 1/2.

Partners in Action

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